If you are a non-retail business, not usually open to the general public, there are still very good reasons for you to engage in traditional and/or digital advertising.

To help you attract the best possible candidates when you decide to hire.

It can be very competitive for industrial or commercial enterprises to find the best new employee when there is often a limited supply of talented, qualified candidates. Advertising enables you to show the strength of your company, your culture, and your brand to those who may be looking for a job in your field or employees of other similar companies who are thinking of making a change.

To be an active, involved member of your community.

Most, if not all, of your employees are members of your local community. It can help their opinion of you as an employer and a local business if you are sponsoring the weekly youth sports report on the radio, for example. I’m also a big supporter of commercial businesses sponsoring local kids’ sports teams.

Smooth the way for expansion.

Often very little is known about an industrial business in a community. As in any community, if there is little public information about you, people will often reach their own conclusions, often fuelled by the local rumour mill. This can possibly make things difficult if your company needs to apply for a city permit, or perhaps undergo some noisy renovations. Making sure the local community know who you are and what you are about can help dismiss any suspicions or misinformation about you.

Advertising can help increase your business.

A local business that sells gaskets and pipe supports for industrial use ran a series of radio commercials during our city’s Junior A hockey team’s games. They congratulated local athletes and local sports teams for their achievements. For example, they wished two local athletes well who were going to be competing in the upcoming Winter Olympics. Out of the blue, they received a phone call from a soon-to-be new customer who heard their commercials and didn’t know that they sold pipe supports. The ensuing sale more than paid for the ad campaign with just their initial purchase and they now have a new customer. The lesson here is you never know who is listening.

As a non-retail business, you are not going to be promoting your big sale or telling everyone to; “C’mon down today!”

What local cause is close to your or your employees’ hearts? Whether it be an annual 10K run or the local Rotary Club’s pancake breakfast, let the community know who you are and that you support them. You’ll be glad you did.