Creative Awards: Writing

Thank you for agreeing to be a judge in the 2019 Blackburn Radio Creative Awards.

We ask that you judge each category separately: Writer of the Year and Producer of the Year.  A good ad, of course, is much more than just an entertaining use of words and sounds.  At the end of the day, it has to drive the listener to actually want to use the client’s product or service.

The winners in each category will be determined by points.  Your top pick in each category will receive 5 points, your second pick will receive 4 points, your third pick will receive 3 points, your fourth pick 2 points and your fifth pick 1 point.  Judging is to be completed by end of day Thursday, August 15th.

Thank you again for playing such an important role in the 2019 Blackburn Radio Creative Awards!

Cruise Legend


GPS Knows All


Tree Falls in the Forrest


Bee-thoven’s 5th


T-Minus 5


Mother’s Day Greetings


Christmas in July


One and Two and Sale and Four


Just go to AutoMax


‘Twas’ the Night


Slimey Salesman




RB Lounge


Game of Sunglasses


$10 Deal


Worlds of the Night


Elves with no Xmas spirit


Bored Family


Pita Pit – We Cater


Pet & Wildlife – Adoption Event


Pro Trap – Winter Mice


Gold Diggers – Sfx


Foursome Kettle Creek


Horizon Home Outlet – Ma’s House


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